How Does It Work

How Does inspectHost Work?
When you sign up for an inspectHost website, you will be given a username and password to log in and edit your website options. There is no need to learn html or difficult web programming languages. Setting up your website is as simple as answering a few questions and filling out forms. The inspectHost website system includes some stock templates you can choose from and you can also incorporate your own logo or photo into the design of your website. Adding your own logo or photo is as simple as browsing for the picture file on your computer!

How Do I upload reports?
When you have finished your inspection and have a completed report ready to upload, simply login to your website with the username/password we give you. Then, you fill in the clients information and choose whether you want an invoice to be automatically sent for the inspection fee. This gives clients the option of paying online with a credit card. You can also mark the reports as paid if the client has already paid for the inspection. Then, the website system will automatically email the client a username/password to download their report. The system makes it easy to manage your inspection reports, send invoices, and track credit card payments online. E-commerce has NEVER been so easy for inspectors!

How Do I Edit the Content On My Website?
You don't need any third party software or html knowledge to edit your website's content. Editing the content of your website is as easy as typing in a form and clicking submit. The website content can be added, edited, or deleted at anytime.

There is a list of common inspection credentials to choose from and you can add your own unique credentials and upload logos/pictures to display your inspection credentials. There is also a list of services that you can add or edit which will display the services you offer (eg. home inspection, mold inspection, radon measurement, etc.) on your website and allow website visitors to schedule inspection services from the list!

How Do Clients Get to My Website?
When you sign up for your inspectHost website, you are asked to choose a sitename. This name will be a way for your clients to get to your website. Your URL, or web address, will be "". You can also purchase a domain name separately and forward that domain name to your inspectHost website. Our support staff can help guide you through forwarding your own domain name to your website.